Eco Roof and Solar

Solar technology is becoming more efficient and there are more pressures on contractors and landlords to include solar paneling with every opportunity. This makes including solar panels a necessity for new and existing commercial properties. Eco Green Roofs are able to plan and install solar panels on almost any type of roof to ensure that planning permission is being adhered to and maximise the return on investment. Our experienced technical team fully understand the technicalities of a solar roof and plan the project to ensure that they are working at maximum capacity for the available space.

Our operatives are MCS-accredited, meaning that we are certified by the Government to install renewable energy technology to the highest standards. This gives us the confidence that our solar panels are installed correctly, bringing the biggest benefits to the customer and environment.

Solar Roofs can also be combined with Green Roofs and Blue Roofs, depending on the requirements of the premises. The substrate level in the Green Roof system is used as the ballast required to support the PV frames and, in turn, the two systems work to benefit each other. A Solar Roof can provide the perfect balance between a practical roofspace and a biological environment that benefits nature and the occupiers.

The Green Roof element can have a cooling effect, especially in summer. Year-round, Green Roofs can help to keep ambient temperatures around the panels at or near 25°C. This is the best temperature for solar panels to work most efficiently.

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