Power Solutions

GFST, being the local partners of PowerOasis (the global industry leader in providing turnkey, off-grid or unreliable grid power solutions for wireless network operators) which is currently being used by Nepal Telecom and North Star Sweden (another global leader in designing, manufacturing and deploying an innovative range of batteries and site solutions) can offer a unique combination of expertise in power, battery technologies, renewable energy and provide solutions which are reliable, cost effective, easy to install, maintain and are flexible for the future.


Solar cells arranged in photovoltaic modules transform the sun’s rays into electricity and provide a viable energy source in areas where direct sunlight is ample throughout most of the year.

Solar is an effective technology that will outlast most communications’ subsystems. It is an increasingly attractive complementary energy source for a telecoms site as the base price of solar systems has significantly reduced over the last 18 months.

GFST, in partnership with PowerOasis, can offer a wide range of solar solutions resulting in an attractive fit within the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) model. Our products are commercialized at both national and international level. In lower power applications such as repeater or transmission sites, a solar battery solution may be used. We provide a comprehensive site modeling process to forecast and optimise the contribution of solar within the total power budget.


Batteries are used to deliver electrical energy when no other source of electrical power is available. With dependable power required in remote areas by the Telecom industry, GFST, in partnership with North Star Sweden, offers reliable and cost effective battery solutions incorporating the latest cutting edge technology.

Our products are designed to be ultra-high performance and premium quality, with a much longer lifetime than standard products. This reduces the impact on the environment, as well as reducing the total cost of operation, due to less downtime, lower battery replacement and fewer maintenance visits.

Remote Monitoring

As businesses need to be more cost conscious and efficient in difficult economic times while continuing their low-cost and high productivity practices, it is paramount that they find a competitive advantage and new ways to find additional revenue streams.

GFST can offer Telecom and IT providers a tool that can help increase the efficiency of existing technical support staff and better leverage resources via Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM). RMM delivers an arsenal of IT management tools such as remote desktop monitoring, trouble ticket tracking, user information, support, and more - through one comprehensive interface.

RMM allows for filtering hundreds of server alerts, troubleshooting and fixing problems avoiding server downtime and its high associated costs which impact both productivity and Return On Investment.

Analysis and Design/Installation

GFST, with its experienced staff and partnership with multinational companies, can provide Analysis and Design and Installation services to Telecom operators. GFST can assist local IT companies in installation of various software, hardware and other such devices and equipment while offering the highest quality service at substantial cost savings with regard to Power Solutions.