E-learning and Management

With the evolution of technology, both teaching and learning have revolutionized and transformed into interactive and multimedia solutions. According to conservative estimates, the e-Learning industry is estimated to be worth over $48 billion.

Learning Is Fun

At the core of e-Learning is the philosophy that learning should be fun, interactive and intellectually stimulating. GFST has a team of e-Learning experts and e-Learning developers available to help with every phase of e-learning; from the design of the solution to the monitoring and tracking of e-Learning results and effectiveness.

Interactive E-learning Solutions

GFST can build powerful learning platforms that enable the creation of courses as well as the distribution of learning modules. GFST e-Learning experts can help define desktop, web or mobile based learning and training experiences that can be configured and designed. GFST’s e-Learning solutions include:

  • Hybrids which integrate the mobile experience with access to the web for dynamic content
  • Standalone apps that allow for a back-end database management with admin controlling the content
  • Networked solutions providing access to employees within the network and reporting to a central database
  • Web based courses providing access to students or employees worldwide or based on restricted roles
  • Complementary learning features such as interactive chat, video, course management and remote administration