Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL)

Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) is a means for automatically determining the geographic location of a vehicle and transmitting the information to a requester. Most commonly, the location is determined using GPS, and the transmission mechanism is SMS, GPRS, a satellite or terrestrial radio from the vehicle to a radio receiver. GSM and EVDO are the most common services applied, because of the low data rate needed for AVL, and the low cost and near-ubiquitous nature of these public networks.

Our AVL devices are very high quality and capable of sending its precise location/position. Combined with Global Information System such as Google Map or Google Earth, a rich variety of value added service can be provided to vehicle tracking. These tracking techniques can be modified to suit a particular need. Additionally, with GeoFence, alerts can be sent to your mobile phone or by email when vehicles leave or enter a predefined area.

AVL devices can be used by Banks, Insurance Companies, Schools, INGO/NGOs, Army/Police and Transportation/Delivery companies.

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