Gforce Systems & Technologies (P) Ltd. (GFST) is a growing company based in Kathmandu providing different IT and Telecom solutions to mobile operators, private businesses, government corporations and other business entities. Our services include Managed Services, Power Solutions, GPS Tracking Solution Systems/Services, Document Management Systems (DMS), Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), E-learning and Management, M2M Technology, Software Development, Web Applications and other such services. We have also partnered with many International companies from USA, UK, Sweden, Finland, Spain, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia and India to complement our portfolio. GFST has been opened by a NRN based in Kathmandu.

GFST is committed to provide robust, cost effective and long term services, enabling our customers to get high returns on their IT/Telecom investments coupled with corporate governance designed for greater agility and market focus in the globally competitive environment. We assist our clients to achieve business objectives by successfully outsourcing their non-core business processes and functions in the areas of technology.

GFST offers the highest quality service at substantial cost savings by performing our work in Kathmandu, Nepal using some of the best Engineers and Project Managers available in our region. Most of our senior engineers and project managers have been trained and educated in North America. We currently have a dedicated and dynamic team of IT/Telecom/general Employees for our organizational activities and are a rapidly expanding company that aims to maintain its reputation in providing innovative IT/Telecom solutions to national and international customers.

As GFST is totally committed to quality service, the company has ongoing quality improvement programs which involve every member to meet our objectives of maintaining the position of quality leaders within the IT/Telecom industry. We have the required infrastructure and expertise in providing effective and efficient services.

Our senior professionals have years of experience in developing customized, fully integrated systems for some of the leading firms in IT/Telecom sector. Our team is highly skilled in all areas of FLM, BPO, Power Solutions, DMS implementation and Software Development, Telecom Equipment installation and commissioning.


To deliver cost effective and quality information technology solutions to our prospective clients and maintain excellent relationship with them. To become the preferred service provider by choice, for all our existing and new clients to grow their businesses. To become a learning organization by creating a work culture that recognizes, harnesses and retains talent enabling mass growth opportunities.


To build mutually beneficial and long lasting relationship with clients and associates. Commitment, dedication and motivation to meet and exceed clients’ expectations. To be responsive, transparent, value driven and consistent.


‘Be recognized by our clients and customers as their best IT solutions provider.’
Our vision is not merely a statement, but an emblem of continuity for us, which make us strive for excellence in every single day of our operations. We are encouraged through our work culture and self motivation to perform beyond the existing benchmarked levels. Our vision also reminds us that our clients, employees, partners and stakeholders are all integral to our team and key to achieving the 'numero uno' position in the market.

Client Care and Quality of Service:
Individually and as practice we are committed to providing a high quality of client care and consulting service

Teamwork and co-operation:
Teamwork and co-operation are important values we are committed to working together to deliver services through sharing practical knowledge and experience

We are committed to innovation, by experimenting with new ways of delivering services. The practice is committed to breaking down the traditional barriers.

Public Services Ethos:
We are committed to a public service ethos this includes commitment to people we are serving and offering them what is best in their favor. Such work is held in equal esteem with client work.